Over the past twenty-five years, the educational advancement made by women has been significant. The gaps for educational attainment between the genders have all but disappeared for the young women being educated today. While girls still lag somewhat behind boys on mathematical and science achievement, girls in high school average higher grades and reach higher achievement levels in reading and writing compared to same age boys. The discrepancies in achievement by subject persist into adulthood. It has been shown that women between the ages of 16 and 65 achieved higher scores on comprehension and interpretation of prose that similar age men. There were also less women (40 percent) scoring at a low level in these areas compared to men (44 percent). Consistent with finding from earlier ages, women do not score as well as men in number related subjects such as mathematics (Sax, 2008). Games and creative activities can be fun ways to learn about chemical elements and the periodic table. A course can’t be run entirely on games, however. Students need variety in the type of activities that they do in order to maintain their interest in a subject. In addition, a game may be effective for attaining some desired learning outcomes but not for others, so a mixture of activities is necessary. Still, well-designed games and creative tasks can be very educational, especially for certain students.Education

Forest and game reserves: The creation of forest and game reserves, where settlement and farming are illegal, has led to situations where a vast uninhabited area exists side by side with densely populated areas where the people experience acute shortage of farmlands.

While the left argues that our ailing public education system can be fixed with ever-greater quantities of taxpayer dollars, the more than $600 billion we currently spend nationwide reflects a large increase in funds over the last 30 years, in exchange for total stagnation – or worse, declines – in achievement. On the college level, subsidies meant to help college students struggling to pay tuition have instead caused prices to skyrocket well above inflation.

The reality of the American educational system is far from exemplary for persons of color. Yes, many youths get through the system with hope of achieving a better life. The authenticity of a racial divide, crumbling structures, lack of books, and bias curriculum quickly dampen the hopes of a child and impedes the strength of a nation.

Originally developed to be a partner resource blog to Gerald’s fantastic book, The Musican’s Way provides resources to both music students and teachers. giving away $5/hr for rent to the billionaire club has never appealed to me. guess that’s why i been homeless for so long. I’d rather save that money for something else than give it to a landlord for the right to lay my head.

Poor people’s attitude towards children as what the children can do for them, not what they can do for their children. In the mindsets of poor people, children are there to serve the parents’ purpose, not the other way around. Wealthier classes have children for the purpose of educating and guiding them, helping them to the best person they can be. Wealthier classes do not see children as to what their children can do for the parent. The attitude is what the parent can do for the children and the welfare of the children are uppermost on the minds of wealthier parents. Poor parents could care less about their children’s welfare; that is no concern of theirs. Poor parents have a more instinctual mindset than wealthier parents who possess a more conscious mindset.