We help state and federal governments, school districts, companies, and foundations gain insight into the ever-evolving digital learning landscape so they can successfully plan and implement best practices related to educational technology. Using a student-made board game about elements and the periodic table has several benefits. Students learn about chemistry as they create their game and as they solve someone else’s. They also practice working cooperatively if they create the game with someone else.Education

After reading your article, I had to comment on a part written where you wrote; Education, on the other hand, opens the mind, encourages a search for truth and develops a mind that can engage critically with many different ideas… I believe this whole heartedly. If you allow yourself the opportunity to RECEIVE fact based information, you enable yourself a better opportunity at making SOUND decisions. A conscious mind is powerful and can’t be deceived… Great topic!

I am thinking about homeschooling and looking for all sides. You have some valid points even when others disagree. There are pitfalls in regular education that I am fighting. I certainly appreciate your point of view that helps me understand the process better. We can all learn from you. Angel blessed.

Thirdly there is the issue of discipline, amnd I’m not referring here to corporal punishment which I am against. I am referring to the general issue of the teacher being in the classroom, prepared and ready to teach, and the learners also being there and ready to learn. Unfortunately the government has woken up rather late to the fact that this is an issue which needs to be addressed. And there is not great leadership – the present Minister of Basic Education, when she was still MEC for education, preferred dancing in the streets in support of Zuma, when he was on trial, to attending a meeting on education called by the then MInister, Naledi Pandor. It is difficult to take seriously a call for teachers to do their work when the minister herself sets such a poor example.

Word games such as crosswords and word scrambles are useful for teaching chemistry facts and vocabulary. They can be fun for children as long as they’re not given too often. It’s also important that they are pitched at the appropriate level—slightly challenging but not too hard, and definitely not too easy. Completing appropriate word puzzles can give children a sense of accomplishment and build their confidence.

A tremendously important lens. Thanks for bringing a compassionate and grounded perspective to a serious problem. true. :00: i can see alot of children on the street not going to school and just wasting their lives. i feel sad for them because they should be in school studying and preparing for their future.