We ignite student curiosity and inspire educators to reimagine learning with award-winning digital content and powerful professional development. She did nothing much reading-wise for over a year. I continued to read to her, and bought her a read-along Leapfrog. We turned reading into an entertainment rather than a learning experience. Then one day we were in Borders and she spotted some books related to TV shows and enthusiastically seized a pile of Bratz books. Way too old for her as she was only six at the time. She asked me to read them to her. I glanced at them and they were pretty awful, it has to be said. So I told her, no, but I would buy one or two for her if she wanted. So I did and, because I refused to read them to her, she taught herself to read in about two weeks. I have never taught her spelling, grammar or punctuation yet, at 10 years old, she writes stories, plays, scripts and even ‘books’. Her level of English language is amazing and she has easily outstripped her brother.

Exellent Hub, Sarah. Our public education system is at a crisis right now but it is not beyond the point to be saved. Government, teachers, and parents need to get together to find better ways to teach our children. This should be a continual process. All have a stake in this subject because it is our future. I wrote a Hub on this almost 2 years ago with my ideas at that time. Thank you for getting me to think about it again. This issue must have our constant attention.

But that is not proof that the average poor person does not practice birth control and has a football team’s worth of children. And we see plenty of wealthy people with far more than 2 or maybe three children (as I posted earlier) We also see wealthy people who have so much time for their children that they employ a poor person to care for them – au pairs are not covered by the minimum wage!

My three-year-old loves running races. We vary the races from just running, to jumping, hopping, crawling, running backwards and more. Races can take place in the backyard or the park. I normally give him a head start and let him win most of the time!Education

We need to have a much more flexible school curriculum that is based on achieving success in practical tasks by using each student’s strengths and talents and there are so many ways to make our schools a much more suitable place for human children instead of the meat-grinders that they are today.

Bar christmas food runs I’ve not worked with the homeless. I have trained unemployed people (IT skills) and know the difficulties they face – magnified hugely if you’re homeless. Peter Pan’s Flight ~ an excellent example of the use of proportion and scale in making models.