Since completing university, Paul has worked as a bookseller, librarian, and freelance writer. Born in the UK, he now lives in Florida. Kid Mode: Play + Learn is an all-inclusive award-winning app designed for use by children from age 2-8. Familiar cartoon characters engage kids in games to help them learn the alphabet, and basic reading skills. Characters from PBS Kids, Disney, Thomas the Train, Teletubbies, Blues Clues and Winnie the Pooh help to keep the kids engaged and the learning fun. This app has lots of great activities for math skills too!Education

Take a look again on the subjects the students are taking from Elementary to College. You would now realize how irrelevant many of them are… hence, a lot of time, energy, and money are wasted along the way. In other words, our present curriculum specially the K-12 is indeed a burden to a productive Philippines … if you view it on a macro-economic perspective.

What the current system brainwashes us to think about life is that we should conform rather than innovate and we all know that this is actually wrong. We are though obedience instead of personal development and a strive for social betterment and reform. This is an immense weight holding the progress of the whole human race down.

Word games such as crosswords and word scrambles are useful for teaching chemistry facts and vocabulary. They can be fun for children as long as they’re not given too often. It’s also important that they are pitched at the appropriate level—slightly challenging but not too hard, and definitely not too easy. Completing appropriate word puzzles can give children a sense of accomplishment and build their confidence.

We sometimes made fancy hopscotch boards on the driveway with chalk. Inside the squares, I’d write something we were working on, whether it was a vocab word, a reading word, a math fact, or something else. Before jumping on the square, you’d have to tell what the word meant, read the word, answer the math fact, or do whatever that particular game was designed to review.

My mother retold me what she was told by her grandmother in an audiotape recording; with an excellent recall for detail she was more than happy to do this. I later transcribed the tapes and published the full text to my Nathanville Family History website.