Education is like food and shelter. It is considered basic to one’s life. While food is for health and shelter for the body, education is for the mind. In reading this post, I have learned a few things about homeschooling. I am beginning homeschool with my oldest child in August. I have read some blogs that allude to the fact that we can teach whatever we want, but fail to mention that a lot of the things kids learn in school are required because the colleges require them. All lower education standards are set just so, in prep. for the bigger steps.

Family Life Education (FLE) is concerned with the study of attitudes and skills related to dating, marriage, parenthood, and health of a family (NERDC, 1993). It is designed to help people in their physical, social, emotional and moral development. Because the family is seen as the central focus of the National Population Programme, FLE is a necessary addition.

Working both right and left brain. Other, inferior programs only work the left-side of the brain, which is the side traditionally associated with logic and problem solving. By engaging both hemispheres, Brainetics teaches the student to use the right brain (in charge of creativity) in tandem with the left brain, in order to better think about, analyze, and solve problems. As a result, they learn more than other students and retain what they learn longer.

A lot of times, if a mainstreamed special education student is failing a course, the counselors will automatically move him/her to an SAI course. This may happen despite the possibility the student was not doing his/her homework, or had simply needed tutorial help.

Interesting Article – I would like to address the point of Homeless people with jobs. In the UK for example, priority is given to asylum seekers / refugees over the core British Citizens. So, people are forever pushed down on the waiting list. I addressed this in one of my articles on Hubpages. Homelessness – Government striking a lens deals with a serious and sensitive issue. Also, sometimes people are thrown on the street because their landlord wasn’t keeping up mortgage payments. Court gives eviction date, poor tenant gets it in the back and is thrown need to tread softly on this issue. Great read though.

Not giving your child the education they need and deserve in this country is borderline child abuse. They need to go, to get structure, to develop socially as well as academically, to have a chance in this competitive world to succeed. In a new PSA in support of public education, the superstar shows up to Walter Reed Middle School in Hollywood to talk to kids about their futures.Education